Embodying the Love of God for a Better World

According to the vision of the Founder the Province has taken up various Apostolate where our sisters render their service selflessly. We try to translate the love of God, and His concern for the poor and needy through the instrumentality of our sisters in our educational institutions, health care centers and socio- pastoral fields.

Apostolate of Education

Our Aim in the Pursuit of Academic and Professional Excellence is the Total Formation of the Human Person for One's Own Enrichment and Mission for the Service of the Humanity.

Our education is directed towards the total development of the person. we are particularly concerned with Gospel values in those we educate and forming them as responsible citizens of the country. In view of our Christians goals, the teaching that we impart in our schools must tend to give a Unitarian vision of faith to the problems of human existence to acquire the necessary knowledge of both secular and religious and to obtain the necessary qualification. While we serve in educational institutions of various kinds we also reach out to a wider community through non-institutional education, giving special attention to the needs of the under privileged sections of society.

Socio- Medico- Pastoral

Dedicated Service to the Poor and Downtrodden and Uphold our Charism.

Our sisters in this field render their dedicated service to the poor and downtrodden and uphold our Charism. The sisters working in other social work centers and in the medical field, conscientize the poor of their rights give them awareness of the injustice meted out to them, the oppressive factors, the gender discrimination etc. We have two welfare centers and two health centers in Warrangal and Joida, Dharkast and Ramapuram respectively. A good number of our sisters engage themselves in pastoral activities and play a vital role in the growth of the church by teaching Catechism, animating the liturgy, preparing people for the sacrament, specially baptism, reconciliation, rectification of broken marriages, conducting prayer seminars and Basic Christian Communities etc.

Our Dream for New Mission

To Re- Orient Our Life Style and Apostolate According to the Signs of the Times.

In our search for greater growth, and to re- orient our life style and apostolate according to the signs of the times; we entered into a line of action that caters to the poorest of the poor by introducing foster homes, Grace Homes and Transgender Group.

Foster Home

Service Towards a Better Tomorrow

Foster Home provides a family atmosphere and a good education to the most neglected and deprived children. Foster home is established in four places.

Fatima Foster Home, Hoskote : 08 children (completed)
Fatima Foster Home in Holy Family, Joida : 24 Children in three groups
Fatima Foster Home, Ramadurgam : 16 Children

Grace Home

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Grace Home is for the deprived and underprivileged senior members who can spend the rest of their life in peace and harmony and to enable them to prepare for a happy death.

Jaya Rani Grace Home, Tallur : 25 members
Pragathy Nilaya Grace Home, Joida : 25 members

We collaborate with Dream India Network to make this venture more effective and practical.

Transgender Group

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Working with Transgender is initiated and it is developed as a growing and new apostolate to give identity and security to these neglected and the least in the society.

Home for the Aged

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

We care for the old and widows through our ministries of the home for the aged. We continue the compassionate work of Jesus, enabling them to experience a sense of belonging in and atmosphere of peace and joy.


Faith Formation

The importance of Catechetical institution was felt by the founder Mgsr. Francis Xavier Kroot, even during the years that preceded the foundation. "If it be God's will I hope that the future convent may yet become an active catechumenate." Catechesis will be for us Fatimaites an effective means of evangelization. Through systematic religious instruction we shall promote among students and people an ardent love for the Word of God and an active participation in the liturgy. Thus we shall lead them to a personal commitment to Christ. We endeavor to adapt our teaching of catechism to the capacity and sensitivity of our students in the way we present the Christian doctrine. Let us deepen our knowledge of the doctrine of the church and keep ourselves up to date in the study of youth psychology and catechetical pedagogy.


Touch of Jesus

Like Jesus who loved the sick and healed them, we have the mission to assist the sick and alleviate their suffering. With compassion and sensitivity we encourage the sick to accept their suffering, being delicate and understanding also towards the relatives of the sick. We hold in high esteem those who share in this ministry of comfort and healing.

Family Apostolate

Imparting Gospel Values

Family visit is an integral part of our missionary apostolate. We work for the welfare and development of the families with Christian vision and commitment to Christ. We visit families, irrespective of religion, to foster human and Christian values and help heal broken relationships to build up communities of love.

Boarding Homes

Reaching out to the Needy

Keeping in mind the preferential option for the poor, our boarding homes are a place where poor and needy children, specially girls, are cared for, educated and prepared for life.

Social Communication and Media

Sharing Our Faith through Social Media

The effective use of social communication media will be a powerful means for proclaiming the Good news in our apostolate. God challenges us through the signs of the times. This is why we are to be attentive to the needs of the changing world.