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At the VII General Chapter of 1995 held in Pune, at Fatima Generalate the proposal for two regions was taken up and on 1 June 1996 the 'Southern Region' and the 'Western Region' were created. Later in 1998, after the mid-term Chapter the same were named as 'Bangalore Region' and 'Mumbai Region'.

The VIII General Chapter of 2001 decided to elevate the two Regions to Provinces and a separate new Region for the North and Northeast be created. Accordingly, on 10 April 2002 the official approval for the Revised Constitutions was obtained from the "Congregations for the Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life The First Provincial Chapters were held, separately in both the Regions in April-May 2002. From June 2002, the two Provinces, namely, 'Bangalore Province' & 'Mumbai Province' and a separate unit, the 'Northeast Region' starting functioning.

Bangalore Province :

The VIII general Chapter of May 2001 decided to elevate the regions to Provinces and the Bnagalore Region was called Bangalore Province. It was established on 29th June 2002. The First Province Chapter was held at Hoskote in April 2002 , where Sr. Archangela Cheeran was eleced the Forst Provincial , Sr. Florence , Sr. Cicilia P and Sr. Irene Thomas as Provincial Councillors .

The Provincial Superoirs of Bangalore Province.

First Regional Superior (1996 - 2002)

Sr. Florence Fernandez

First Provincial (2002 - 2008)

Sr. Archangela Cheeran

Second Provincial (2008- 2014))

Sr. Teresa Peter

Third Provincial (2014---)

Sr. Goretty George

Houses of Bangalore Province:

No. of Houses 28
No. of Dioceses 12 ( Bellary , chilngneput , Kadapa, Irinjalakuda, Kawar, Kottar, Kurnool, Mangalore, Nellore, Trivandrum, Udupi, Warangal)
No. of States 05 ( Seemandhra, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu

No. of Sisters in our Province:

Perpetually Professed Temporary Professed Total No. of sisters
151 23 174

No. Formee:

Initial formation Students candidates Pre- Novices Novices
06 11 09 07

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